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Design API for Multiple Different Clients

Today I want to talk about common design challenges related to architecture of robust APIs, designed to be consumed by multiple clients with different needs. Our use case is the following: We need to build a N-Tier Web REST/SOAP API that is supposed to read/write data from a DB, perform some processing on that data and expose those methods to our API consumers. In addition we have multiple different API clients each with different needs, meaning we can't just expose a rigid set of functions with a defined group of DTOs (Data Transfer Objects). DTO vs POCO Before start diving I want to explain shortly the difference between these two controversial concepts. DTO Objects that are designed to transfer data between edges (i.e. between processes, functions, server & clients etc'). Typically DTOs will contain only simple properties with no behavior. POCO Objects that are designed to reflect the internal business data model. For example if you have an eCommerce platform