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The GoF Hot Spots - Bridge vs Strategy

As part of my "GoF Design Patterns - The Hot Spots" posts series, this post is focused on two Design Patterns: Bridge and Strategy.

Although these two DPs are completely different, when googling them we encounter several common misconceptions that may make us think that Bridge and Strategy are similar or even same patterns.

I am not sure why but one of the popular misconceptions is that these two DPs shares the same UML diagram.

We will dig into the original GoF Design Patterns (aka: DP) description trying to figure out the real Hot Spots (aka: specific particular parts that differentiating them from each other) of these two DPs and the relationship between them.

In order to maximize the clarity of this article, I used two conventions:
Phrases inside [square brackets] are meant to help understanding GoF definitionsItalic sentences are GoF's book citations
StrategyGoF Definition"Define a family of algorithms [Classes that inherits from the same Abstract/Inte…