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GoF Design Patterns - The Hot Spots

Intro Now days, any programmer working with a language which conforms to the OOP paradigm, understands the power of Design Patterns (DP). A variety of great books are available for plain English interpretations for the various 23 GoF design patterns and the differences between them. Yet, there are still many controversies regarding how certain patterns differ and how they are related. Design Patterns, at first glance, sometimes appear very similar, not to say identical. When searching answers in forums, articles and blogs, I have encountered in a wide range of responses, starting from "It's the same DP and the only difference is the intend of the developer" and reaching "the questioned DPs are completely different and I can't even understand your question". If you sense that the truth lays somewhere in the between those responses, this new series of posts might interest you. This post is a first in a new series of posts, in which I will try to highl

SSL Distilled

A few days ago, my wife asked me: "why is it, sometimes when I access my web-mail account at work, I get a scary browser popup threatening and yelling at me that the site is dangerous and I should click 'OK'...?". I am pretty sure this post will answer her question. SSL without Sweating Although SSL is very popular and well documented on many web articles, blogs, books & technical videos, when trying to really understand and assemble all the bits and bytes, you will probably find yourself breaking a sweat, because of the many misconceptions about this subjects. In this article I am going to give a brief top-to-bottom review of the must-know parts of SSL and try to re-explain the less familiar parts of this protocol. In order to make it easy for those of you that are familiar with SSL and only want to read the 'Hot' parts, I added an '*' as prefix to those points, so you guys can jump between them.