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Rendering Dynamically JavaScript Files from Server Side Code

Today's RIA applications require us to build robots apps with minimal post-backs cycles, this requirement forces us to make an extensive use of JavaScript and technologies as AJAX. Today I want to blog about "Rendering Dynamically JavaScript Files from Server Side Code", this is a very useful and elegant (and strangely not discussed enough) technique that can improve our RIA application architecture. Good But Not Perfect So let's try to describe a small task and it's solution to make a good picture about this strong technique. You work on a "Rental Car" application that is in charge of keeping track of all rented cars and sends an email notification to the "Rental Car" company manager about cars that their rental period already exceeded. As mentioned before, your app makes an extensive use of JavaScript and AJAX in order to improve users experience. Now, let's also say that you need to read the SMTP configuration parameters, such